For people who haven’t visited yet, Singapore comes with a reputation. It is one of the world’s most expensive cities, a thriving centre for business, a global community. But for those who have, Singapore is a unique island-state with a long history and layered culture, it is an eco-urban pioneer with sights, sounds and tastes that are entirely exclusive to the land. Travel teaches us that you can’t ever put a price tag on memorable experiences, and Singapore travel is no exception. That’s what makes Singapore tourism so popular with travellers from all over the world and all across the budget scale.

A Singapore tour holds much in store for you. The country boasts an ancient past with roots connected to the Malay Peninsula and China as well as a colonial era that has left a permanent imprint of Anglicism. It is during this time that the city really gained global popularity, as the British set up a tax-free port here in 1819. Even today, the port is central to its economy, though the tech and finance industries are what have helped it thrive in more recent times. Coupled with perhaps the world’s most efficient planning, infrastructure and public services, it is little wonder that people from around the world have migrated here. And it is this coming together of cultures that really makes this one of the top destinations to visit.

With Singapore tourism, you can visit a country that is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and a long history. The spices of delicious traditional cuisine and stunning tourist spots make for a complete experience.

Singapore tourism thrives each day thanks to its reputation for being fast-paced, luxurious, expensive, yet with glimpses of serene living. So, if you, too, are charmed by this beautiful country, then pack your bags! In our tourism in Singapore guide, we will take you through what Singapore has to offer!

Singapore Geography

Located strategically between the tip of the Malaysian Peninsula and Indonesia, is this one-of-a-kind island city-state. But actually, Singapore is made up of sixty-three islets. The main one being Pulau Ujong. Singapore has also overseen many land reclamation projects, so the area of the main island has actually grown, with plans to further expand in the coming years. Across the islands, the highest point is only at 163 meters – the Bukit Timah Hill, located in the nature reserve of the same name. This means you can travel across the country in the comfort of summer clothes! But remember to carry a few of your best pairs to explore the trendy nightlife. How to reach Singapore is also not a worry since it has great connectivity, with Changi airport being one of Southeast Asia’s busiest.

Singapore Climate

Singapore is always hot and humid, with the island firmly within tropical climes. It even receives two official monsoons, between May to September and November to March. The turn of the year is usually the rainiest time. But essentially, a smart travel tip is to carry an umbrella and sunscreen both, no matter what time of the year you choose to make your Singapore tour - Singapore is one of the few countries where you can visit all year round. There is no particular best time to visit Singapore.

Singapore Culture

Modern Singaporean is the result of centuries of intermingling histories. The Chinese have been sailing these waters from as far back as the 5th century AD. Later, the island saw the arrival of Buddhist Kingdoms, Islam and finally the Europeans on their colonial voyage. The most prominent figure of the colonial era was Sir Stamford Raffles, the then lieutenant of Java. He is credited with the modern planning of the city, much of its aesthetic and its entrepreneurial ethos.

The charm of Singapore tourism is found in exploring the different ethnic districts of the island, namely the Colonial District, Little India, Chinatown and the Arab Quarter. Then there’s the many gardens, waterfronts and cosmopolitan areas that each offer their own unique cultural experience. That’s the thing about touring such an international city – it’s almost like visiting many different countries in one.

Singapore Tour

You can craft a Singapore tour to suit your interests, there are so many places to visit in Singapore. The Lion City, as the name translates in old Malay, is bustling with activity, for travellers of all kinds. Get your fill of museums and art, treetop jungle walks and garden strolls, midnight skylines and marina breakfasts. Go around the world in just a few days, by staying right here on this spectacular island.

If you’re one for sightseeing, your Singapore tour can take you to places like the Sultan Mosque, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple or St. Andrew’s Cathedral. More cultural insight can be found at the National Museum of Singapore, Chinatown Heritage Centre or Battlebox, the famed World War II bunker. Or perhaps you can take the spontaneous route, down the alleyways of Chinatown or Little India, for that is where culture comes alive.

For those with a love of green, Singapore tourism offers a spectrum of choice. You can go to the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Botanical Gardens, or a tree-top escapade up at MacRitchie Reservoir or cycling around Chestnut Park, the largest nature park around.

If food adventures are your thing, the tour can be crafted to suit your palate. The country is brimming with flavourful eateries, from the Michelin-starred Candlenut serving Peranakan cuisine, to the bountiful food court specials like Takashimaya Food Village or East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

Shopping is a delight in Singapore, offering some much-needed retail therapy for wandering soles, but also as a nice little respite from the humid outdoors. You can visit many shopping districts, malls and local markets as a part of your daily activity.

You can also make day trips to any one of the neighbouring islands, Sentosa being the most well-known. Kusu Island, St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island are some of the others that each offer something special. All of this and you’re still only scratching the surface of Singapore tourism.

If travelling from India, you will need a tourist Singapore Visa. The currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar. While an international debit or credit card can be easily used in most ATMs, it is advisable to carry some cash with you or a forex card, which is accepted in most places.


Language Spoken

Malay, English

Currency used:

Singapore Dollar